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Van Rental Waterford

We supply vehicle hire to all areas in Waterford, including:

  • Van Rental Dungarvan
  • Van Hire Dunmore East
  • Van Rental Ballinroad
  • Van Rental Kilmacthomas
  • Van Hire Cappoquin

Our large fleet of vehicles are sure to have something to suit your requirements. Have a look at some of the vehicles we supply below.

Crew Cab Van Hire Waterford

Our crew cab vans offer additional seating in the back to maximise the amount of people you can take in the one van. Ideal for bigger groups of employees needing to get from one job to the next.

High Roof Van Rental Waterford

If you are looking for a bigger van to transport large objects like furniture and machinery, a high roof van will come in handy.

Refrigerated Van Rental Waterford

A great choice if you are delivering or transporting frozen and perishable items. Value Van Rental have fridge freezer vans in several sizes to suit all potential requirements.

Tipper Van Hire Waterford

Looking for a van to carry construction materials? Our tipper vans make this process easier. With the van having the ability to rise from the front to allow for materials like sand, gravel, and stone to easily slide off the back.

Car and SUV rental

Along with a large selection of vans available, value van rental offers cheap car and SUV rental in Waterford. We have all sorts of cars available, from automatic to manual, saloon to estate as well as spacious SUV’s.

Mini Van & Mini Bus Rental Waterford

For larger groups, we have people carriers that can take between 8 and 17 passengers. Our minivan’s and minibuses are popular for big group trips and golf outings.

To get the best rate possible, take time to view our different rental options to find the one that suits your requirements.

Short Term Rental Waterford

For any rental period less than 28 days, short term rental is where you will find the best rate.


Long Term Lease Waterford

For rentals anywhere between 1 and 24 months, long term leasing is a flexible leasing option that renews on a 28-day basis. We can deliver your rental to anywhere in Waterford and all of the vehicles in our fleet are under 8 months old to ensure you are getting the best quality vehicles.

Contract Hire Waterford

A more fixed rental solution. VAT registered customers tend to use contract hire, which is a fixed rental rate, rental period and mileage rate that varies from 1-24 months.

Flexi Lease Van Hire Waterford

Flexi Leasing is the same idea as contract hire but without the fixed contract. It allows you to continuously renew your rental contract on a rolling basis for anywhere up to 24 months. Your contract can be extended to 60 months upon request.