Ikea Van Rental

We know that a trip to Ikea can be a stressful one, wondering if you will be able to fit everything you buy into the car for the trip home. Our vans take that hassle away.

We have a number of different vans available for rent to simplify your trip to Ikea, including:

Box Body Ikea Van Rental

If you plan on making large purchases in Ikea, this is the option for you. Our box body van is our most spacious in relation to storage space. It is fitted with a tail lift, so if you have anything heavy to transport, you can let the lift do all the lifting for you.

Small Caddy Ikea Van Hire

For the loads that wont quite fit in the car. Our small sized caddy van has a generous amount of storage space for its size.

Medium Sized Transit Ikea Van Hire

A van that is just that little bit bigger. If you are planning on a mini shopping spree in Ikea, you’ll want to be sure that you have the room in your vehicle to get everything home in one run. Our medium transit vans will give you the space and freedom to fit plenty in its rear.

Large Sized Transit Ikea Van Rental

Aimed at those who plan on leaving no stone unturned in Ikea. Our large transit vans have a high roof and long storage area so you can fit those bigger items like beds and drawers in without any hassle.

Value Van Rental has a number of other great vans that are ideal for every day use. Our fleet is available to view on our website, and if you have any queries, you can give us a call on 01 816 2878.