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Van Rental Belfast

Here at Value Van Rental, we offer short term rentals, along with longer term leases of all our vehicles. Whether you need a van on short notice for 24 hours, or if you need a rental for a number of months, we will be sure to do our very best to accommodate your every request for the best value rentals in Belfast.

We have such a wide range of vehicles in our fleet. If you are looking for a small to medium van, or if it’s a larger van you are after, you will be sure to find the right fit for you here on our website. We can deliver your rental directly to you anywhere in Belfast at your request, to make the rental process as easy as possible. Take a look at the various types of vehicles below.

Curtain Side Tail lift Van Belfast

This great van is ideal for large deliveries. When loading or unloading goods from the back of the van, you can simply pull the sides of the van to one side to allow seamless loading and unloading. The van also comes with a tail lift to help make your life easier again.

Refrigerated Vans for hire in Belfast

Take the stress out of worrying about the condition of the perishable goods you are transporting with our refrigerated vans. Perfect for the transport of goods such as Fish, Meats and Dairy. We have refrigerated vans of various sizes and models.

Box Body Vans Available for Rent in Belfast

When having to transport large objects, its tough to find a vehicle with enough room. With the Box Body Van, you will have more space than your average van, perfect for furniture delivery. If you are moving boxes, you will be sure to use every ounce of space available to you, as they fit right in the corners of the van.

Tipper and Side Drop Vans Belfast

Our Tipper vans are exactly what you need if you are trying to transport loose construction materials like gravel. The trailer has the ability to rise from the front, and let the materials slide right off. The side drop van makes lifting heavy objects onto and off the vans much easier. It allows you to unhook the sides of the van and slide objects off the van instead of having to lift them over the sides.

Car, 4X4, Minivan and Minibus Rental in Belfast

Why not take a look at what personal vehicles we have on our site. We can cater for the needs of a small family 2 door, all the way up to a Mini Bus that can carry 17 people. Explore our range of 4X4 jeeps that are ideal for road trips. Our various Mini Vans are ideal for golfing trips and large families. Some of the makes of car that we have available are Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen and Mercedes. Make sure to check the availability of your preferred vehicle on your chosen dates, and prices vary depending on what day you are looking to rent, and for the amount of time you will be renting.