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Van Rental Offaly

We supply vans to all areas in Offaly, including:

  • Birr
  • Tullamore
  • Clara
  • Edenderry
  • Banagher

We have a large number of purpose-built vans in our fleet, that operate for specific jobs. Take a look at some of the vehicles we supply we have below.

  • Refrigerated Van Rental Offaly

We have refrigerated vans available in different sizes. These fridge freezer vans are ideal for food deliveries and transferring other goods that have to be kept at a certain temperature.

  • Box Body Van Rental Offaly

Delivering large and heavy objects like furniture? Or maybe you are moving home. Our box body vans are spacious and are fitted with a tail lift to make the lifting of heavy items easier.

  • Curtain Side Tail Lift Van Rental Offaly

This van makes loading and unloading easy. You can simply pull the sides of the storage area of the van to one side and pack or unpack with ease. This van is also fitted with a tail lift to assist with unloading.

  • Tipper and Side Drop Van Rental Offaly

A popular choice for those in the construction industry. Tipper vans have the ability to tilt upwards at an angle from the front of the trailer to allow large amounts of loose materials like gravel and sand to slide off seamlessly. The side drop van has droppable sides to make lifting heavy machinery off the back of the van a little easier.


  • Car Rental Offaly

Value Van Rental offer cheap car rental in Offaly, as well as van rental. Take a look at our website at the variety of cars available for short term rental and long term leasing. We have a number of SUV’s available, perfect if you are looking for something more spacious.


We understand different people require different forms of rental, so we offer several options to you so you get the best value for what you are looking for from your rental. Our different rental options include:

Short Term Van Rental Offaly

For rentals that last between 24 hours and 14 days, this would be the best value option.

Long Term Van Hire Offaly

For any vehicle hire from 1 to 24 months.


Contract Hire Offaly

This option is popular with VAT registered customers. You hire a vehicle for a fixed period of time of up to 24 months, pay a fixed rate of rental and are given a fixed mileage rate.

Flexi Lease Offaly

Flexi lease is a lot like contract hire but without the long term fixed contract. This can also be up to 24 months long, and can be extended to 60 months upon request.