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Van Rental Kilkenny

At Value Van Rental, we cater for al of your rental requirements. We deliver rental vans out to anywhere you may be in County Kilkenny. You may need a small van on short notice for a brief period, or perhaps you need a larger van for a couple of months. Whatever the time scale and whatever the van you need, we would love to help you.

We have a large number purpose built vans that are suitable for particular uses. Take a look at the range of vans we have in our fleet below.

Tipper and Side Drop Vans Kilkenny

Two vans that are of big popularity amongst the construction industry. The Tipper Van is great for the transporting of large quantities of materials. The trailer on the van can rise from the front, and allow you to easily unload things like sand or gravel. The Side Drop Van makes loading and unloading your van easier. The side walls of the van can be unhooked, and drop down to allow you take heavy objects from the van with more ease.

Box Body Vans for rent in Kilkenny

A perfect van if you are transporting a large number of boxes. You will get the maximum amount of space from your rental. With its cubed shape, it allows you to get right into every corner of the van with your materials. The van also has a tail lift to help you pack and unpack your goods without the back-breaking lifting. If you prefer to not have a tail lift, we have vans available without one.

Refrigerated Van Hire Kilkenny

A Refrigerated Van is exactly what you need if you are delivering perishable and frozen goods like Meat, Fish and Poultry. We have refrigerated vans of all different sizes and models. Take a look at our range of refrigerated vans here on our website.

Curtain Side Tail Lift Van Kilkenny

A perfect van rental if you are transporting things like pallets. The sides of the van are like curtains, as they can be pulled to one side to allow swift and simple loading and unloading of goods on the van. The van also comes with a tail lift to help with the lifting.

Car and 4X4 Rental in Kilkenny

As well as having a range of vans for rent in Kilkenny, we have a large number of cars and jeeps available. We have plenty of makes and models available, from 2 door coupe, to 4 door saloons. Our 4X4’s come in various different makes such as Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Land Rover. There is plenty to explore in Kilkenny, so why not have a look at our range of cars to take you where you need to be.

Mini Van & Mini Bus For Rent in Kilkenny

If you happen to find yourself travelling in bigger groups, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our large range of Mini Vans available on our site, and if you need that bit more room, we have a number of Mini Buses available that seat up to 17 people. Be sure to enquire about dates and availability on our website, as prices vary on different dates of rental.